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Are you thinking about or have you already started embarking on a new chapter in your life and don't feel like you are being supported by those in your inner circle?

Don't fear, this is not uncommon in fact it is more common than not. The reasons vary, some people may be jealous, others live in fear and you pursuing your dream shines some bright lights on the fact that maybe they are too afraid to follow theirs. In the rare case, some people may just be haters and those people shouldn't be in your life to begin with. A haters negative energy will just drag you down leaving you feeling empty which is the last thing in the world you need.

If you have heard "you're crazy" "how are you going to make that work"  "aren't you too old?" or "what will you do for money?" you have already learned the hard way to be careful who you share your dreams with. If by some great fortune you have avoided this giant step in dog poop then consider yourself lucky, you have been warned.

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? -Robert Kennedy

Maybe you are going back to school after years in the workforce, maybe you are starting a business, maybe you are putting together a movie or, who knows, maybe you are selling every last item you have and moving to the other side of the globe to teach yoga. Who does these things you may ask? I actually have friends doing each one of the cited examples and how cool is that for them?

You might think that you should be able to share your deepest hearts desires with anyone in your life and they are going to leap up, hug you and cheer you on right? WRONG.

For anyone of us that has embarked on a new chapter and had anyone say something fearful or negative to dissuade us you know it can feel like a one two punch to the gut. It doesn't matter how tough you are it still hurts the heart. In some cases it could cause a person to abandon ship because they have been fighting through a painful battle in life. Perhaps you were one of those "what are you doing" folks, if so knock it off, you can do better.  

You deserve to pursue your goals and passions with joy and freedom. A huge part of that process is creating a safe place you can grow and thrive in. That begins with sharing your dreams with those who are safe and get you. If it is only one person so be it, you don't need a tribe, you need one; if you are lucky to have a few count your blessings.

You don't need to feel bad for keeping some things close to your chest. You don't need to feel guilty for not telling the world everything. I bet you have at least one person in your life that would throw one of those fear remarks at you, if you are fortunate to know that in advance don't make the decision to try to let them in and hope for a different outcome.

You have one life to live, YOURS. You owe it to yourself to live like you mean it by filling yourself up without someone poking holes in your water jug.

Have you had this experience? Comment below and tell me.

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