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There is so much to be said about love. Poets have written about it, lovers have been scorned by it and nations of people have been united and healed by it. Yet love is elusive, the definition we all connect to what it means is varied and rare. The complexities that come along with the weight of it can sometimes be stifling even when in the most truest form it should be freeing. We think love should be convenient, love should be an easy twisted pattern of words on a hallmark card to feed a longing in the human spirit that no one can truly put a finger on. Love in its most simplistic ways is a word, but love, is an action of the highest level of the soul. Love does not come with contingencies, it doesn't have expectation or hold with it a label that has a universal fit for all. Love can be confusing, difficult, epic, jolting, revealing, awakening and even painful. Love is four letters that we as humans have given to an emotion and depth we truly have no ability to explain.

Love may lift us to great heights or send us plummeting to the deepest lows. In the end, love just is. The most important thing I think we can do as people is understand that our own personal view of what love is and means is the only one that matters. No opinions of others or a diamond wedding ring commercials can change what is in our heart.

In the end of our days we will indeed reflect upon life, one of greatest questions we may ask ourselves is if we loved fully. Love can come in a smile, a kindness toward an animal or human. Love can be a thoughtful question in the right moment to someone in need. Love too can be being present without judgment or question. Love can be pancakes in the morning for your children when you have hardly gotten a wink of sleep. Love can be sitting alone gazing at the magnificent stars realizing you are enough.

Love isn't about being perfect, love is only about being open to the human experience without letting hurt close us to all the beauty around us and if we can start with this, we may just get the love thing right after all.

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