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Shannon Simone Miller is the Strategic Life & Business Coach & CEO of SHANNONMILLER.ME.


Shannon is an entrepreneur who by the age of 25 has been featured in Newsweek magazine and three books, related to Ebay and her luxury ecommerce bedding company several years later, wacktrap.com another company she found would be featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal Online, Forbes online and the San Francisco Guardian Iheart radio and several podcast and television appearances. Shannon hold a B.S. in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in strategic communication from Colorado State University.


Shannon is a technology expert with more than 17 years’ experience in code, website development, online businesses and social media marketing. Shannon also has over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing, wholesale and retail sales as well as import export and Ecommerce.


Shannon entered the realm of television and film and within less than 2 short years, and is a working actor in SAG (Screen Actors Guild), becoming a member of the guild in less than two years after her first on screen appearance. She secured a role with TruTv Storage Hunters (TruTV is part of Turner, a Time Warner company) in her first year in television.  (You can see a further list of her television credits at her imdb page.)  Shannon took the leap to satisfy her lifelong curiosity of working on screen.


She can show you how an ordinary person can do extraordinary things-- when making use of the unique gifts an individual already possesses, combined with drive and the proper guidance. Allow her to show you how can achieve the same NOW. Contact her here to set up your free 30-minute consultation.


Living a passionate fulfilled life requires a specialized type of coaching. Shannon Miller is one of the few who can help you tap into who you are and what you need to live your most vibrant and fulfilling life --"Because a happy life begins when you live on purpose."


So, whether you're at a crossroads of redefining who you were meant to be, considering a new field, or searching to maximize your potential in your current career, Shannon Simone Miller can help you define the path meant for you personally.


Passionate and complex individuals require a unique skill set. To find out how Shannon Miller's diverse life expertise and background can help change your life, contact her NOW for a free 30-minute consultation to find out how you can be living the life meant to be your destiny.


Read her new book, Sparks for the Spirit "Quotes to Fuel your Inner Fire," available on Amazon here.


Shannon believes all individuals are connected in bettering the world.  She gives back to the community through service on the board of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute Ethics, STEM mentorship programs for young girls with Girl Scouts of America and, respectively, Girls in Tech and her volunteer efforts with the Red Cross.  She was awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate in honor of her STEM mentorship work with young women.


If Shannon had a superpower it would be enthusiasm. She has rung a church bell in Bethlehem, jumped out of a plane, flown in a hot air balloon and got spit on by a camel in Jordan and that is just for starters.


She is a third generation Los Angeles native that loves the city of Angels.  She can be reached here for more information.


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