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Many of us grow up learning that we need to keep pushing forward, at all times and at all costs. But when do we recognize that we need a break and let ourselves be okay with that? In the pursuit of success and our dreams many of us fail to listen to our bodies and minds and allow ourselves a much needed  timeout from all that we are doing. We keep working when we are sick for fear that we will be left behind or that the world just won't be able to get on without us. Trust me, it can and it will, in fact the world benefits from the best version of you and that comes with taking care of yourself.

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I do it, you do it, we all do it. Putting on a different mask for every different role we play in life. I could say that we should never alter our behavior depending on the situation but that wouldn't be realistic or make any sense. We have a lot of pressures, as people, we are not one dimensional and we all wear many different hats. How we are in the bedroom will never be the same as how we are in the boardroom. The you that volunteers is not the same person that may go out for a wild night. We need all of these components to make us feel whole and we need them most of all to feel alive. The problem comes with the confusion we experience when we feel like we are all of these things. Responsible and organized, passionate and driven, relaxed and vulnerable, lazy and carefree even careless and wild.

It is important to remember that a transition in life may or may not be chosen. Forced change can show up with the sudden loss of a loved, divorce or a loss of a job and these moments in life are more than what we call change. For many people these moments can feel very similar to death because the way they occur can be sudden and often devastating. It is important to recognize that a desired change and well calculated plan to do so is not the same as a sudden transition. A sudden transition can leave you feeling like your whole life is fallng apart. When we experience a sudden emotional blow to the head that sends us reeling we need to take time to regroup and consider our alternatives. However,  this is often easier said than done because we don't have the time to plan for the fallout that a big life change can present so it makes us feel unprepared and afraid. We don't know what the hell happened and better yet have no idea where to even start to stop the nightmare.

So,  it's Sunday afternoon and I have the house to myself for a few hours. I was eager to relax, read, get a little writing done or meditate. I wasn't too sure yet which one, but I was sure that whatever it was it had to help me get back to center and get ready for a new week;  I needed to recharge. Then it happened...the dreaded ringing phone, as it blares from the other room I start to feel a little bit of unease creeping into my mellow moment. My first instinct was to ignore it, but curiosity beckoned me to the other room to check the missed call. Had it been from one of my sisters I may have flopped on the bed and chatted and laughed for a little bit. Goofing off and laughing is still me time and so, that would have been just fine for a  few moments.

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