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I met a person floating in the ocean one day recently;  I guess there is a strange first for everything. It was an unusually hot day so I went down to the beach with my sister. We floated in the water talking about how my nephew that just graduated high school wants to travel for a bit before college. Of course, that is met with the typical family freak out, I however think it is a fantastic idea.

There was a woman floating that happened to overhear our conversation and piped in. She was several years older than me and began to share her feelings about travel, how much you learn, how great it is to see how other people live and then some. I agreed with her on every point so we got to talking while we floated in the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles. She shared with me how at one point in her life she quit her job, sold everything and moved to Japan for two years. While she was there she studied and learned the language and taught English. She met a US diplomat that would later help her secure an amazing job.

She shared with me how everyone thought she was crazy for just leaving on her adventure. She had a love and dream to travel and she did it. Now years later she is ready to retire with her husband and rent their house out and take off traveling again. She said following her dream was the best thing she ever did, she said she never understood how so many people wait their entire life to retire to then follow a dream they have. I agree, what we have right now is the present. When something calls to us deeply we should find a way to act on it sooner than later. We don't know what the future holds and waiting until someday can rob us of living a life that matters.

Everyone's dream is different, not everyone wants to sell everything and travel, for many of you it is starting a business, or engaging in work that really lights you up, for others it's figuring out a way to stay home with your children the common theme is defining a life that matters to you. Not creating a life everyone will agree with or your family will approve of but designing a life that is as unique and special as you are.

That is quote really sums it up “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present” -Alice Morse Earle

What we have now is the present and what we allow ourselves to create in the now will ultimately be our future. Breaking free from the status quo isn't always easy so I won't try to tell you it is. There will be many people that will tell you that you are crazy or foolish so you need to be prepared to acquire a thick skin if you don't already have it. We all want the people that love us to support us in anything we do and sadly that doesn't always happen.  It is knowing this that can often cause a feeling of reservation or fear. A great way to combat this is remembering who is telling you what and why.

Those that will call you crazy are often those that are too afraid to live a life of passion themselves, this is an absolute fact. It is also a fact that in all my years of speaking with successful people about what moves and inspires them I have never met one highly successful person that will call someone else's dream crazy. They just think different as the award winning Apple campaign said. The future is the unknown but you can change your life by taking one step toward a new goal today. Don't put your dreams on hold just because everyone else does.

5 Quick Tips to Help you begin on your dream today


1. Be clear about what it is you want- without clarity you can't have focus. Without focus, you can't make any strides forward.

2. Focus your attention on your new goal- Focus requires you to make your dream your priority, giving it  your full attention. When you have clarity of your dream you will find that your focus begins to come naturally.

3. Outline what it is you need to achieve your goal- You don't need to have everything figured out, you simply need to give yourself a few things that need to be done in the now to move you forward.  For instance if your dream is to become a therapist, you may need to go back to school. You can request program information as a first step. If you want to start a new business find out what information you need to do so. Take some time to research your industry or products. If you already have that in order a first step may be getting a web site built or obtaining a business license.

4. Be selective who you share your dream with- I can't stress this enough, so many people have their attempts to begin on a new path trashed because someone in their intimate circle thought they were crazy and they took it to heart. If you need some positive like minded people to interact with joining an in person or online networking group can be a great place to meet upbeat "can do" people that will cheer you on.

5. Find coach- A coach is not your friend, a coach is someone that pushes you and guides you forward while also holding you accountable for your progress. A coach can help you come up with a plan and make huge strides.  A coach is a vital tool  that will only serve you if you are serious about changing/expanding your life. A great coach can help push and guide you to your new destiny.

You are capable and deserving of living out a life of passion and fulfillment. Don't put your dreams on hold just because everyone else does.



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