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So you want to become a freelancer? Here are some important tips before you make the leap. The freelance/gig economy has seen unprecedented grow in the last few years. With the advent of eBay in 1995 to Uber, Task Rabbit, & rent-a-coder what was once a sector often relegated to the actors, artists or the free spirit types has now gained amazing credibility. Credibility with real money behind it. In 1995 we saw many people harness the then new platform of eBay to generate significant income. Many people left jobs and began creating a full-time business on their own terms.

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On Independence Day this is my ode to the Nation that I adore. America you remain, still the gleaming beacon of hope to me and people the world over. You are not without soil, tears or pain and nothing beautiful enduring or strong is ever without those things.

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