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So,  it's Sunday afternoon and I have the house to myself for a few hours. I was eager to relax, read, get a little writing done or meditate. I wasn't too sure yet which one, but I was sure that whatever it was it had to help me get back to center and get ready for a new week;  I needed to recharge. Then it happened...the dreaded ringing phone, as it blares from the other room I start to feel a little bit of unease creeping into my mellow moment. My first instinct was to ignore it, but curiosity beckoned me to the other room to check the missed call. Had it been from one of my sisters I may have flopped on the bed and chatted and laughed for a little bit. Goofing off and laughing is still me time and so, that would have been just fine for a  few moments.

We are all overwhelmed with so much that we often forget to say yes to some things that come our way that could really add value and joy to our life. We are faced with... will you take out the trash? Yes, will you go to the store? Yes. You get the picture. I am not talking about the daily tasks in life;  I think we are often nervous to say yes to new things because we feel it is one more obligation on top of the mountains of obligations we already face. This is not the yes to more tasks we feel we must do out of obligation. This is where we need to make some adjustments in our mind, the yes I am speaking of is the yes to you, the yes to new experiences and adventures. There are plenty of reasons for No in that category but that is for a later article. I am also not sending you down the slippery slope that Jim Carrey took in Yes Man, when he said yes to everything and just about lost his mind.

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