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Do you feel like you are on the right path but you feel like you need new people to share the journey with?

Do you feel surrounded by people stuck in the same place and some that even seem to resent your progress?

What you are experiencing is quite common and you are not alone. With any major shift in your life there will come moments of struggle and heartache. It's called growing pains;  it's awesome but it can also be tremendously painful.

It may go something like this...

So, you have committed to going after your passion and making big changes in your life, you are feeling optimistic and excited but something feels amiss. You think to yourself, I am excited, I feel awesome but the people around me don't seem to feel the same way.

We begin to feel like we relate less, our conversations get shorter and lack the depth that they once had.  We begin to feel a bit sad or disconnected. Some of us may even try to slip back into our old shoes for a moment to connect leaving us feeling hollow or fake.

When we choose to live our passion we often  grow in a different direction than those we have shared our life with.  

We may be ready for more in our life while others seem to be content staying still. We wonder why everyone doesn't feel the same way we do and it leaves us feeling confused and disconnected.


The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best- Epictetus


What you need is to infuse your life with some new positive people, the kind of people that will cheer you on and lift you up.

So I bet you are wondering where you find these like minded souls. These fellow travelers are all around you and I am going to give you 4 places to find them. The best part about any one of these ideas is that it only takes meeting one new person on a similar path to connect you with more.


The 4 best places to meet new positive people

 1. Toastmasters International  https://www.toastmasters.org -Toastmasters Is public speaking/ networking organization. Not only will you meet positive upbeat people you will also learn the skills to be an excellent speaker and communicator. There are meetings almost every night (lunch time too) of the week someone in the world. Check out the website for a group near you.

 2. Search Yahoo Meetups  http://yahoo.meetup.com - You will find everything from business networking groups to hiking clubs. Read through the descriptions and find a Meetup that sounds good to you. If you don't like one you can always try another. I find that in addition to networking groups, outdoor clubs also attract positive healthy people.

 3. Your Church or Place of worship Wherever you go to connect with God or your higher power attracts some good people that want to share light with the world. If you don't have a regular place,  ask to join a friend or try someplace new.

 4. Local Charitable Organization https://www.volunteermatch.org Find  a charity that speaks to you and see what volunteer outreach they do on the weekends and then show up for the next event. I guarantee you will meet some energetic folks looking to do good and make friends.  For a list of ideas in your area check out https://www.volunteermatch.org




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