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Virtually no  great achievements occur without enthusiasm, frankly speaking to excel in life on a higher level you must possess it. Think about this, do you think a salesperson can close a big deal,  an can actor give a performance of a lifetime, an athlete endure, through a sore body and run down the field to score a winning touchdown, a parent come home, after a long week and delightfully pick up their child, fly them through the air making buzzing airplane sounds as they dip and weave through the house WITHOUT enthusiasm? NOPE, it's not going to happen.

Enthusiasm is like life juice, it is a creative force that enables us as human beings to deliver excellence even when we are facing great obstacles. Enthusiasm lights a path wherever it has been and sets things ablaze, if you happen to be in its path, you know how infectious it can be and how it can almost instantaneously change your outlook or disposition.

Have you ever gone somewhere and seen someone so lit up with excitement that it was downright intoxicating? From the moment you saw the light you wanted to be part of it, whatever IT  was. That IT is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a deeply passionate, magical gift we can tap into more and more with a bit of practice and when we do its effects can be fantastic. "Great things happen with enthusiasm, nothing great happens without it."

In the most simple way enthusiasm can have an immediate joyful impact. Let me tell you what I mean by that. I was out shopping with my sisters near the holidays and I happened to be at a target store, truth be told it was near the New Year a couple years back and I was not in the best of spirits.  I had a lousy year and it felt like my whole world fell apart around me and being out wandering through a Target was the last thing I wanted to do. I found my way over to the electronics department (as I happen to love gadgets and tech stuff) and I saw it, there hanging on a shelf was one lone Mini Hohner Harmonica, (hohner is a famous brand that has been making Harmonicas forever) it  came with a booklet and a CD. I had a harmonica as a kid and I remember how much fun it was to blow through it and make noise so, I snatched it off the rack; for ten bucks I was going to make some noise and goof off.

 I find that I am interested in most things in life, many random and many people often find it funny all the things I find interesting .  So, let's get back to the harmonica, fast forward a couple days and I am over at my families and I am practicing Mary had a little lamb in another room as I waited for dinner. With each completion of the song I would let out a huge laugh. Just the idea I was a playing this grade school simple song made me crack up. I could hear my uncle curiously in the other room wonder what I was finding so hysterical. I got up and proceeded to give him the demo and with each completion I would laugh gleefully and he too would laugh, I was enthusiastic and it was infectious. 

My uncle has lived his life in a wheel chair with cerebral palsy yet in many ways he has always had a light silly nature to him. I kept playing and we kept laughing I told him that he had to try it. He was reluctant and I understood he was feeling a bit shy so I said " I will leave the room and I want you to just blow and pretend and have fun."  He started slow at first,  I heard a high squeal then a deep blow then all of a sudden I heard him blowing like crazy moving up and down the harmonica and you could hear what sounded like an old drunken blues man playing.  I peeked around the corner and he was blowing and bopping like crazy with a wild satisfied look on his face, after a few minutes I came back and he was just delighted, we laughed and talked about how fun it was . He wasn't an expert and I sure as heck didn't know how to play but what I lacked I made up for with enthusiasm and it brought great joy and laughter to an everyday moment. Do you think if I sat playing, cursing my missed notes it would have added anything positive to that moment? Most likely not one bit.

You can add enthusiasm to your life by being in the present moment, and approaching things with wonder and excitement, that present moment could be working, spending time with your family, enjoying a hobby or an activity you love.  Look around, focus on where you are and give it your positive attention.  Enthusiasm is about being passionate, Enthusiasm is about being ALL IN.  The positive effects this can have on your life will be profound.

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Comments (1)

  • anon

    Enthusiasm, take that harmonica, place it on your lips and blow. Laughter will take over your soul and you will feel like you will never want it to go but the blues is what we all know and that's why it vibrates in our soul.

    May 16, 2014
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