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I met a person floating in the ocean one day recently;  I guess there is a strange first for everything. It was an unusually hot day so I went down to the beach with my sister. We floated in the water talking about how my nephew that just graduated high school wants to travel for a bit before college. Of course, that is met with the typical family freak out, I however think it is a fantastic idea.

Success isn't always a straight line, In fact, it rarely is. More often than not it is a winding road of stops, starts, and potholes.

The journey is the biggest wildest part of the adventure and should be enjoyed as such. If you don't take time to enjoy what you learn along the way you will indeed miss the whole point.

Here are quotes from twelve of the world's most successful people who truly get it and have made their mark in areas as wide as media to spirituality.

If you have some favorites of your own, don't forget to share them in the comments below.


Enjoy these Success tips from twelve of the world's most successful people

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We are all overwhelmed with so much that we often forget to say yes to some things that come our way that could really add value and joy to our life. We are faced with... will you take out the trash? Yes, will you go to the store? Yes. You get the picture. I am not talking about the daily tasks in life;  I think we are often nervous to say yes to new things because we feel it is one more obligation on top of the mountains of obligations we already face. This is not the yes to more tasks we feel we must do out of obligation. This is where we need to make some adjustments in our mind, the yes I am speaking of is the yes to you, the yes to new experiences and adventures. There are plenty of reasons for No in that category but that is for a later article. I am also not sending you down the slippery slope that Jim Carrey took in Yes Man, when he said yes to everything and just about lost his mind.

I don't need to tell you how hectic life can get, and how tired and uninspired we can become at times. We are often burning the candle at both ends and when we do, it can really sap our creativity and  negatively impact how we experience and see our world. The following short list are five ways to help you bring more creative inspiration into your life. These are five very simple things that I do that really help get me dialed back in to what matters most. The best part is they cost almost nothing and can be implemented whenever you need a little spark to help ad some creative inspiration back into your life. Each one of these five ways requires of you to disconnect from social media and find presence in the world around you.  In no particular order here are your Five ways to bring more creative inspiration into your life.


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