Shannon Simone Miller is a Strategic Life & Business Coach and has been featured in Newsweek Magazine, she is the author of Sparks for the Spirit-Quotes to Fuel Your Inner Fire on Amazon. Shannon believes that "A happy life begins when you live on purpose."

Imagine living the life you were meant to live

Imagine for a moment you are living the life you were meant to live, pretty powerful right? ah, pretty powerful right? So what stops most people?

We are all guided by our own vision of what life is supposed to be and look like. But what do you do when your vision has been distorted by outside influences or internal conflicts about who and what you are supposed to be? What happens when you have desires that resonate with your soul's path yet feel foreign to what you thought you knew about yourself? Many people will ignore these messages thinking it will keep the ship sailing smoothly only to find themselves on the rocks of life wondering how they got there.

You see this all too often with people taking jobs because their parents desire them to do so, or chasing things only for the prestige they promise to offer, yet often finding that the prestige is empty and doesn't fulfill one's soul.

Many choose to do nothing and continue on this incongruous path denying their deepest most callings. But life doesn't have to be this way and you don't have to settle with the regret that lies at the end of compromising your truth.

When you decide that you will settle no more for simply floating, you are embarking on the path of living on purpose.  Living on purpose means being an active participant in crafting and shaping the life that really matters to you. The life that feels right inside, the one that is in alignment with your values and gifts. It doesn't take magic to live on purpose only a decision to finally do so. In doing so you begin to take time to ask and listen to what really matters to you. Questions like, What gifts do I want to share? and What would I like to see show up in my life?

So how do you begin to live on Purpose?

It doesn't happen overnight, but with little steps, getting out the chisel and begin sculpting by making choices that are best for you without asking permission and allowing yourself to feel empowered by doing so.

By learning to say no to what no longer serves you even if you feel at first guilty for doing so. The more you practice honoring your truth the easier it becomes, the more others see the shift in you and most importantly the right things begin to show up and you feel the shift in yourself.

You may feel as though a weight has been lifted, allowing you to perhaps breathe freely for the first time. Yet none of the things can happen without first declaring that you are ready to live on purpose. Knowing that a happy life begins WHEN YOU LIVE ON PURPOSE.

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